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About Us

Everyone knows the taxi industry is fighting to keep up with the pace of change in new technology. The business model is changing and governments around the globe are also struggling to keep up. The licensing of cabs is bureaucratic and extremely time consuming, adding costs to each and every passenger.

The average person using a cab doesn't feel valued or safe while using them. Vulnerable people are not being cared for, the way we as a society expect them to be when travelling around our cities.

All stakeholders in the industry need to change and put the consumer, the passenger, at the heart of its provision.

Safer Minicabs aims to solve this by working within minicab companies, minicab drivers and charity groups, to provide a Safe and secure environment for your next journey. The Cab company bids for your business and therefore offers a fare which is provided directly to you.

After having a good night out, the last thing you want to spoil your evening is sorting out the journey home. Obtaining a minicab in the early hours of the morning can be hectic and chaotic. Pre-booking a minicab is an option, but it's an inflexible option. Life would be so much easier if you could book a minicab as and when you wanted it and then guarantee it would turn up in the right place, at the right time, with the added peace of mind that you're in safe hands.

Safer Minicabs allows you to do just that. Booking a minicab through the traditional method by phone call leaves you open to all kinds risks. Personal information, your name, address and phone number can be overheard by strangers, increasing your chances of becoming a victim of crime. This can't happen if you use Safer Minicabs because your information is sent down a secure channel and is only released to a minicab company once you have confirmed your booking.