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The key benefits of our minicab service are:

How does it work?

  1. Download the app or book online
  2. Enter journey details
  3. Wait 70 seconds whilst cab companies bid in real time on your quote
  4. Accept or decline the quote
  5. See full driver and vehicle details once accepted
  6. Your location is tracked from the start to the end of your journey
  7. Check-In and Check-Out at the end of your journey
  8. We always welcome your feedback at the end of the journey

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Customer safety to Safer Minicabs means a lot to us and we make it safe by providing the you the customer the following:

Camden Council, Metropolitan Police Camden are supporting our safety initiative to tackle and reduce crime along with many corporate partners some of which include Virgin Media, Vodafone, DLA Piper and UnLtd – The Foundation For Social Entrepreneurs and many more. We have won many different awards to date.